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A life-enhancing experience with an internationally renowned, natural born Psychic/Clairvoyant Mystic Medium.

Has a loved one crossed over? Making contact with a specific person on the other side - providing solid evidence! My natural born gift can assist in providing insight into your present circumstances, and your future. I do not need cards, crystal balls, etc., but rely exclusively on my own abilities and my personal guides whom are essential in my efforts. All credit to my work must go to God for my talent and to my guides for their never-ending help and assistance.

I was born in Benoni and grew up in Kensington, Johannesburg - both in Gauteng, South Africa. Since I can remember I had the ability to see, hear and communicate with people that have passed on; see angels; feel a person’s pain in my own body; look at a person and know his past, present and future; see unborn babies in a woman’s stomach, etc. One of the first recollections I can remember was when I was four years old. My mother was about to put my little sister in her bed when I told her not to put her down, as the angels are here to fetch her.

She died moments later.

I grew up in a traditional Afrikaans home and my mother was dead against this evil behaviour. I had many hidings until I learned to keep quiet. One of my aunts, known as Madam Rose was a well known medium during my childhood. I was unfortunately not allowed to mix with her and was always kept away when we were with the family and she was in the area. She always told my parents that I should stay with her as they do not understand me.

That of course never happened.

THERE IS NO DEATH: Survival after the transition called death is a proven fact. If you do not believe this statement I will prove it to you by making contact with a specific person of your choice on the other side, providing solid evidence, i.e. description, character, work on earth, maybe even a pet, etc. Man is spirit, expressing himself through a physical body in his life on this earthly plane and where he will return to again. It is not my aim with this web page to go into life between lives or reincarnation etc. - experts on these subjects have published various articles and books. For those interested in the non-corporeal, after-life, mystic and spirit world, I suggest the following background books listed in Literature.

My aim is rather to bring comfort, love, help and messages from those departed, to their loved ones on earth. I can see, hear and communicate with them. We cannot call our loved ones up, neither do we disturb them in their sleep or rest as some orthodox ideas make us belief. They return to us because they love us, and guide and help us through this life. For them to help and guide us is natural as they are frequently with us on this earth plane. For me it is not unusual to see departed friends and family walking in with the people that come to see me for a sitting. Sometimes, at first I am not sure who is here to see me and who is on the other side. I wait and see who does the greeting.

Mystic Medium
A Mystic Medium and the ability to channel, is loosely defined as a person who is sensitive to the vibrations of the Spirit world, with the gift to see, hear and convey messages.


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